Workforce Gender Equality Accelerated Programme

Interdisciplinary Centre for Development Studies

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Pre-programme: July 10, 2023 

Actual programme:
Aug 15, 17,22,24,29 and 31


Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. (West Africa Time)


4 hours/ session | 7 weeks





Virtual Modality

Certificate:  upon completion, participants will be issued a certificate at the end of the programme


Increasing gender equality in the workplace has become a priority for organisations around the world, and research shows gender diversity is correlated with improved company performance. Today, most organisations are working to recruit and retain more women in order to improve productivity, build resiliency, and improve their brand and reputation. Increasing gender equality in the workplace requires the commitment of both organisations and individuals. Organisations must address the structural barriers that inhibit general equality, while individuals must acquire the knowledge, tools, and behaviours known to promote workplace gender inclusion.

The Workplace Gender Accelerated programme prepares managers to become the agents of change within their organisations by developing the skills needed to:

  1. Identify gender inequality gaps within their organisations
  2. Develop a business case that demonstrates how gender equality will benefit the organisation’s botton-line
  3. Take targeted, tangible and strategic action grounded in assessment, to increase gender equality in their organisation
  4. Strengthen leadership and change management skills and exercise more influence to create and equitable and diverse workplace
  5. Effectively engage other male and female leaders within their organisations in support of desired change.

Learning Objectives and Benefits

Following the course, an organisation with participating employees will be able to:

  1. Define and articulate the key gaps, strategic actions, and organisational benefits of gender equality, including improved business performance, resilience, and employee satisfaction and well-being.
  2. Implement strategic actions that enable the organisation to meet its gender equality and diversity goals.
  3. Leverage the knowledge and improved skills of participating staff to introduce gender equality initiatives at each phase of the employee lifecycle, from recruitment and hiring, to succession planning and retirement.
  4. Build a positive national and international reputation and brand by showcasing the organisation’s commitment to gender equality and highlighting USAID and academic partnerships and employees’ university certifications.
  5. Connect to an international network of academic institutions, international partners, and organisations operating within the region and industry, and access learning and engagement opportunities. 

Who Should Attend

The accelerated course is designed for female and male managers who wish to develop their gender equality expertise, boost their influence, and spearhead change within their organisations, operation leaders, HR managers, and managers of other support functions who are strategically placed within their organisations to influence change are encouraged to apply. Each course accepts up to fifty participants, and organisations are required to send two to three employees.


The course prepares leaders to become agents of change in their organisations by developing the necessary activities to initially identify gender equality gaps in their organisation, then they must develop a business case that demonstrates how gender equality will benefit the reference point of the organisation and create strategic and tangible actions, based on evaluations, to increase gender equality in your organisation;  and with it to be able to take action targeted, tangible and strategic, based on evaluation, to increase gender equality in your organisation, to strengthen leadership and change management skills and exert greater influence to create an equitable and diverse workplace, engaging other men and women who are leaders in their organisation in support of the desired change.

 Content Session

Introduction to the course

 Session  2. Gender Equality: The vision.
Session  3. Gender Equality: Obstacles
Session 4 and 5. Gender Equality and the Role of Male Leaders as Allies
Session 6. Gender Equality: The benefits
Session 7 and 8. Gender Strategy and Change Management
Session 9. Personalized corporate coaching
Session 10. Gender Equality, Organizational Culture and Corporate Communication
Session 11. Personalized corporate coaching
Session 12. Gender Equality and the Role of Male Leaders as Allies
Session 13, 14 and 15. Gender Equality in the Labor Force
Session 16. Personalized corporate coaching
Session 17. Empower Yourself and Lead the Change
Session 18, 19 and 20. Gender Equality in Team Management and Leadership
Session 21. Personalized corporate coaching
Session 22. Build your Gender Equality Action Plan
Session 23. Personalized corporate coaching
Session 24. Closing

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Eventually, the University may be forced, due to force majeure, to change its professors or cancel the programme.  In this case, the participant may choose to return their money or reinvest it in another Continuing Education course that is offered at that time, assuming the difference if any.The opening and development of the programme will be subject to the number of enrollees.  The Department/Faculty (academic unit that offers the course) of the Lagos Business School reserves the right of admission depending on the academic profile of the applicants.