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Executive education at LBS is comprehensive, drawing on experiences of multinational faculty and participants. Our system of teaching ensures that participants gain management knowledge and skills, by employing the case-study method and group-work approach to learning. We believe in learning by doing.

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Most popular courses

Authentic Leadership
Authentic Leadership Programme is a proven and practical approach for developing skills to improve climate and sustainability drive breakthrough performance.
Advanced HR Management Workshop
This program will strengthen and demonstrate the personal and functional attributes and competencies of effective HR functions and HR practitioners.
Building and Leading the 21st Century Team
As business and social environments are continually faced with economic uncertainty, competition, and ever-increasing customer expectations, organisations constantly seek ways to more than just exist. With solutions such as mergers, acquisitions, and a deliberate collapse of Organisational hierarchies, the task of getting people (of different backgrounds) to work together productively becomes even more challenging.

This programme seeks to address the challenges of the new environment of business.
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Newest courses

Associate Chartered Institute of Bankers Partner Programme(ACIB)
This programme provides an ample opportunity to develop accelerated competencies in the financial services industry. The Programme is a dual qualification/certification in form of Senior and Advanced Management Programme with Chartered Banker and MBA with Chartered Banker.
The primary target of these programmes are for those in the Senior Managerial Cadre with at least five (5) years experience in the industry. It also provide opportunity for those interested in acquiring MBA from Lagos Business School (LBS) to gain the Chartered Banker Status
Africa Varsity Teachers Programme
The LBS Africa Varsity Teachers Programme (AVTP) aims to build research, teaching and management capabilities of Academic Staff of African Business Schools and Universities, as well as faculty with non-social science backgrounds. It aims to equip university teachers with world class skills in Teaching, Research, Career development and management skills for leading the 21st Century academic institutions. The goal is to fast track the development of high value talent that will play an important role in developing the next generation of talent that will launch Africa into millennial epoch.
Doing Business in Africa
This course aims to provide executives with an overview of the most critical aspects of doing business in Africa. This will enhance their overall understanding of the structure and nature of the economies in the continent and also equip them with the skills and tools they shall require in developing effective strategies for establishing a business in Africa or bringing already established foreign businesses to Africa.

The course provides an in-depth understanding of how business enterprises in the African region operate and the business strategies required to effectively work with African partners.

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